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About Us

Homoeopathic Health Clinic 

Est. 1979

Has been providing Holistic Health for almost 30 years, whilst understanding the importance to make the right choice for your health, when it comes to treating an illness.

We aim to keep Abreast of Research & to keep on providing the very best in latest Healthcare tools, in Homeopathic Treatments & continually develop our skills and systems to assure them of a successful and pleasant experience.


Homeopathic Health Clinic - established in 1979 was one of the first professional homeopathic clinics in West London. It has since gained recognition as being a caring establishment that is constantly upgrading it's procedures to cater for the ever changing healthcare requirements.

And NOW the first Clinic in West London to provide the Latest test in Allergies & Health Screening.

We understand that it is important for you to make the right choice when it comes to treating an illness, and to be reassured that any treatment that our aim would be quick, (but length of treatment depends on the duration of the present condition & related disorders), cost effective and long lasting. Homeopathic remedies are safe, painless, and can be administered alongside other treatments.


At our clinic we also provide health tests, allergy and food intolerance tests. It is known that some conditions are caused purely by the intolerance to the food in the patient's diet.

Our Team

Our homeopaths are registered and their practices regulated by the UK Homeopathic Medical Association -

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