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Welcome to the Latest in Homeopathic Treatments
Allergies, Food Intolerance & Health Tests.......
HOMOEOPATHY - down the years has emerged as the most promising science which not only annihilates the symptoms but also builds up the immunity of body & is fast becoming the first line of treatment due to it’s high order of efficacy and moreover no side effects.
Homoeopathic & Allergy
  • British Royal Family Patronises it

  • Growing Yearly in Canada, Europe & USA

  • Fastesst Growing Alternative Therapy in the UK

  • World Health Organisation Supports it (WHO)

  • 45 % of the French Prefer it

  • 40% of German Physicians Prescribe it

  • Famous Celebrities Endorse it

  • 50% of Public Chose Homoeopathic Treatments in Most South East Asian Countires

  • Children love it

Frequent Questions on Homeopathy !?! Answered >>>>

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  R.R. (London) - Business Person

"I had been suffering from Asthma for several years years and needed to use an inhaler 4-5 times a day, but after the first consultation at the HHC I was prescribed Homeopathic tablets and within two months I starting getting much better releif. I was relly impressed with the professionalism of understanign my case. I have recommended homeopathy to all my friends since" 


 A.S. (Oxford) - Student

"I had been suffering from Cystic Acne which has pus-filled pimples that sometimes bleed and I had tried all kinds of treatment until I was introduced to homeopathy by a friend. After 9 months of treatment new pimples had stopped erupting and the dark coloured pimple scars began to fade. I am deeply thankful to the entire team at HHC"

P.K. (Southampton) - Housewife

"I had been suffering from Psoriasis on my head since I was a teenager and after taking homeopathic medicine from HHC it has nearly all gone. I am no longer embarrassed about my skin condition and have increased self confidence. It's amazing what homeopathy can do for you and I feel it was money well spent"


L.S. (Middlesex) - Housewife

"My son had been suffering from dreadful Eczema with red patches all over and had tried all types of lotions but nothing worked. A friend recommended a Food Intolerance test and since receiving the results and changing his diet, the red patches have nearly all gone and his skin is much softer now. I would like to thank HH Clinic for their excellent service and would recommend Food Intolerance testing to anyone"

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