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General Health Tests Carried out at the Clinic


1) CHOLESTROL - blood test


2) DIABETES        - blood test


3) URIC ACID       - blood test

4) HEART - KIDNEYS - URINARY TRACT - LIVER TESTS                         Combined Health Screening Test - Urine test



Nitrite - Nitrite is not detectable in normal urine.  Positive nitrite can be indicative of urinary tract infection.


Protein - Up to 14mg/dL of protein may be excreted by a normal kidney.  Higher than normal levels of protein in urine may indicate a variety of disorders including diseases of the kidney and urinary tract.  In older patients, high protein levels may occasionally indicate heart problems.


Urobilinogen - Urobilinogen is normally present in low concentrations in urine.  High levels of urobilinogen can indicate liver disease or conditions associated with increased breakdown of red blood cells.


Blood - The presence of red blood cells or haemoglobin in urine can indicate diseases or damage to the kidneys or urinary tract.


Specific Gravity - Urine collected a different times of day may vary in specific gravity from 1.003-1.035.  Specific gravity equal or less than 1.010 indicates dilute urine and readings equal or greater than 1.025 indicate concentrated urine.  Low readings may simply be due to excessive liquid intake and high reading may be due to insufficient drinking causing dehydration.  However persistent low readings can be due to kidney problems and continuous high readings can be indicative or underlying clinical problems relating to the kidney and possibly the heart.


Bilirubin - Bilirubin is not found in normal urine.  The presence of bilirubin in urine is an early indicator of liver disease such as obstruction of the bile duct or hepatitis.

5 to 10 Minutes General Tests - Sample of urine or small blood sample required for each test.
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